App Deals Guide: Find Your Perfect SaaS Match

published on 18 November 2023

Seize This Once-a-Year Chance for Huge Software Savings

Black Friday and Cyber Monday only come once a year, but the deals last all year long. This is the perfect chance for busy founders, indie hackers, startups, and solopreneurs to score big savings on top software to boost their business. Whether you need a stunning new website, powerful ecommerce store, marketing analytics, automation tools, or more, these limited-time promotions can help take your business capabilities to the next level without breaking the bank.

This comprehensive guide will match you to the ideal SaaS solutions discounted just for the holidays. We've done the legwork to identify the leading options across diverse categories - from website builders and marketing tools to ecommerce platforms, business intelligence, and workflow automation.

You'll get the insider scoop on real savings from both established brands and up-and-coming apps across the SaaS landscape. We're focusing exclusively on the cream of the crop Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to maximize value for your specific needs. Read on to discover the perfect tools to integrate into your workflows at unbeatable prices. Let the deal hunting begin!

Website Building Deals - Look Before You Leap

Having a professional website establishes credibility and drives conversions. With Wix's AI assistant ADI now included in all plans, you can launch a great-looking responsive site in minutes to impress visitors. Wix is currently offering 50% off premium plans for a year with free domain registration.

Squarespace, renowned for elegant designs and built-in ecommerce, is introducing a major sitebuilder overhaul this year. Their holiday deal of 30% off all plans for a year can ease the transition.

For developers needing advanced customization, Webflow enables animations and interactions with code-free tools. They are offering two months free on paid plans for Black Friday.

When choosing a DIY website builder, Wix offers abundant SEO apps while Squarespace excels in sleek out-of-the-box design. For WordPress sites, Elementor's drag-and-drop page builder is a compelling alternative to handle design. Compare options to find the optimal balance of features, ease of use and ongoing costs for your needs.

DIY Website Platforms - Build Your Way

Do-it-yourself website builders enable anyone to create a professional online presence. Here are some stellar deals:

  • Wix - 50% off premium plans plus free domain for a year makes this a top choice for beginners. Boasts over 500 designer templates and abundant SEO apps.

  • Squarespace - Save 25% for a year on Personal and Business plans to offset their upcoming redesign transition. Provides polished designs and built-in ecommerce.

  • Webflow - Although pricier, take advantage of their Cyber Monday special for 2 months free on paid plans to experience robust animations and interactions.

  • Gator - For those on a tight budget, host your site for only $1.45/month with their Black Friday offer. Extremely affordable but less features.

DIY site builders work well for personal sites and simple online stores. Their constraints can be offset with extended holiday promotions.

Managed Website Services

For fully handled website creation and hosting, managed services merit exploring:

  • Weebly - Get 40% off their Professional plan for a year of included maintenance and updates after launch.

  • Squarespace - Save 30% off their top-tier plan for the first year to offset their higher long-term costs.

The convenience of managed website builders comes at a premium price. Still, holiday deals provide a window to try them out at a discount.

Ecommerce Store Platform Deals - Compare Before Committing

Want to sell products online? Ecommerce platform deals enable bootstrapped entrepreneurs to open virtual doors affordably.

  • Shopify - Take 60% off premium Shopify plans for the first 3 months. The leader with abundant themes, apps and built-in marketing.

  • WooCommerce - Get 15% off annual plans to turn WordPress sites into stores. Avoid transaction fees but requires more effort.

  • BigCommerce - Save 40% for 4 months on the Starter plan. Built-in marketing like coupons and promotions make this turnkey.

While convenient, hosted platforms have recurring transaction fees that add up over time. Lean startups should run the numbers and leverage extended holiday trials to decide.

Leading Ecommerce Platforms - Shopify Still Reigns

The major hosted ecommerce platforms have the most robust apps and integrations:

  • Shopify - Get a free 14-day trial and 60% off premium plans for 3 months to experience their abundant themes and apps.

  • BigCommerce - Save 40% for 4 months to try their built-in couponing and promotions for free.

  • Wix Stores - Take 50% off annual plans and get a free domain to seamlessly integrate ecommerce.

  • Squarespace Commerce - Save 30% for a year on their top-tier plan with Stripe integration and polished designs.

Each platform takes a cut of transactions, so compare extended holiday deals before deciding. Validate sufficient apps and support for your specific business model.

Emerging Ecommerce Contenders

Aside from the major players, check out deals on unique emerging ecommerce platforms:

  • Gumroad - Take 25% off all plans for 3 months to easily sell digital downloads, courses, and memberships.

  • - Get two months free on a yearly plan to add customizable carts to sites without native commerce.

  • Snipcart - Save 40% for a year on their Pro plan to retain control with simplified embeddable carts.

  • GoDaddy Online Store - Get 70% off the first month for an affordable basic online store.

While new platforms show promise, limitations exist. Thoroughly vet support, scalability, and features before buying.

SEO and Digital Marketing Deals - Optimize Your Strategy

Looking to step up your online presence? These stellar SEO and marketing deals provide the capabilities every startup needs:

  • SEMrush - Get up to 60% off on Pro and Guru plans for the first payment. The leading all-in-one SEO and marketing analytics platform.

  • Ahrefs - Take 20% off any annual plan for unparalleled backlink analysis and keyword research.

  • Moz Pro - Save 35% off your first month to gain authoritative metrics for rankings and link building.

  • SpyFu - Get 33% off Basic and Premium plans for 3 months to analyze competitors' organic and paid strategies.

SEMrush and Moz Pro offer complete SEO solutions. Ahrefs and SpyFu deliver targeted insights for taking rankings to the next level. Maximize savings with extended holiday trials of both all-in-one and specialized tools.

All-in-One SEO Powerhouses

For expansive SEO capabilities, the top providers have enticing deals:

  • SEMrush - Save up to 60% off on your first payment for Pro and Guru plans. Unified SEO, PPC, and marketing analytics.

  • Ahrefs - Get 20% off premium annual plans, now only $79/month. Leader in backlink analysis and keyword research.

  • Moz Pro - Take 35% off your first month of an annual subscription for authoritative metrics.

While robust, heavy users get more value from extensive features. First-timers may find them complex and should validate free trials.

Focused SEO Tools

Alternatively, deals on targeted SEO tools provide specialized capabilities:

  • Linkody - Access all their link research and outreach tools at a discount this holiday season.

  • Rank Ranger - Take 50% off their SEO suite focused on rankings tracking and site auditing.

  • SEO Review Tools - Get 20% off their pro writing and content audit tools for a limited time.

Point solutions complement broader platforms at a lower price point. Verify they address your primary SEO needs before purchasing.

Business Intelligence Deals - Your Data, Simplified

Bringing order to your data paves the way for actionable insights. This holiday season has awesome deals on leading business intelligence platforms:

  • Tableau - Get 15% off prepaid annual subscriptions to easily visualize data with drag-and-drop dashboards.

  • Looker - Contact sales for special discounted POC pricing and experience their powerful data modeling capabilities.

  • Sisense - Save up to 25% on prepaid annual plans for code-free analytics ideal for business users.

Tableau excels for self-service analytics by individuals. Looker provides governance for large analytics teams. Both have free trials to experience their platforms using your own data.

Self-Serve BI Tools

Self-serve BI enables anyone to analyze and share data visually without coding skills:

  • Tableau - Enjoy 15% off prepaid annual plans this holiday season for trusted interactive dashboards.

  • Sisense - Get up to 25% off prepaid annual plans for their highly customizable business user analytics.

  • Qlik Sense - Sign up for a free trial with access to premium features and AI-powered insights.

  • Holistics - Take their free 14-day test drive for intuitive cloud-based analytics and reports.

While flexible, large workloads incur significant costs. Verify sufficient data connectors and watch for hidden fees.

Scalable Enterprise BI

For cross-functional analytics teams, enterprise BI brings governance:

  • Looker - Get special discounted POC pricing directly from sales for advanced data modeling and scalability.

  • Qlik - Talk to sales about extending free trials of Qlik Sense to experience full capabilities for global teams.

  • Sisense - Save up to 25% on prepaid annual contracts for a limited time to get governance and support affordably.

The wide scope enables data standardization but requires heavy configuration. Leverage holiday promotions to try out enterprise features.

App Automation Deals - Work Smarter, Not Harder

Automating repetitive tasks enables lean teams to be more productive and creative. Check out these stellar deals on leading platforms:

  • Integromat - Save 25% for the first 6 months with annual billing to automate workflows using their gallery of prebuilt templates.

  • Zapier - Get 20% off annual plans, plus an extra month free to connect and automate thousands of apps.

  • n8n - Access premium n8n features free for 2 months with annual plans to try this open source alternative to Zapier.

  • Make - Take 25% off for 3 months to build advanced custom automations with JavaScript.

Non-technical users can start automating quickly with Integromat or Zapier. Developers needing more control can leverage n8n or Make. Maximize savings with extended holiday trials.

Automate Workflows Visually

Configure workflows visually without coding using these compelling deals:

  • Integromat - Save 25% for 6 months with annual billing for easy automation with prebuilt templates.

  • Zapier - Get 20% off yearly plans, plus 1 month free to connect thousands of apps.

  • - Take 20% off all annual contracts to integrate workflows with chatbots and AI.

  • - Get 15% off for 6 months to customize and control sophisticated processes.

Balance ease of use with customization capabilities based on your needs. Leverage holiday promotions to test automation platforms.

Specialized Automation Tools

Check out discounts on niche tools for specific use cases:

  • Cloudmersive - Access productivity APIs for free for a month to convert and automate documents at scale.

  • WayScript - Sign up for a free trial of their code-free RPA to automate repetitive desktop tasks.

Though powerful, specialized tools have limited applications. Verify they address your core automation scenarios before purchasing.

Key Takeaways - Let the Deal Hunt Begin!

This holiday season serves up an amazing selection of outstanding SaaS deals for entrepreneurs and startups seeking to maximize growth and productivity.

We've uncovered stellar savings across diverse categories - whether you need a sleek new website, online store, marketing analytics, business intelligence, workflow automation, or beyond. You're now equipped to match your specific needs to the premier tools discounted just for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

As the deals roll in, thoroughly vet each option against your current and future requirements before purchasing. Focus on finding the ideal blend of features, service, and affordability to take your business capabilities to the next level heading into the new year.

Wishing you tremendous savings and success ahead. Let the deal hunting begin - the time is now to seize these exclusive holiday promotions and propel your startup growth.

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