Startup Deals Guide: Black Friday's Must-Have SaaS

published on 19 November 2023

Welcome to the Ultimate Black Friday SaaS Deals Guide!

Black Friday is the perfect time for startups and small businesses to take advantage of major discounts on essential SaaS tools. With so many deals available, it can be overwhelming to know where to look. That's why we've created this guide to highlight the very best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on SaaS products that will supercharge your startup's tech stack while saving you money.

From website builders and ecommerce platforms to marketing automation and business operations tools, we'll cover all the key categories of startup deals available this Black Friday. The deals come from leading brands like Shopify and Mailchimp as well as awesome indie makers and small startups.

These discounts on must-have tools will help you streamline workflows, reach more customers, and work more efficiently - all on a startup budget. So let's dive in and uncover the deals that will take your startup to the next level!

Website Building Deals

A polished website that reflects your brand and engages visitors is crucial for startups. Take advantage of these stellar Black Friday website builder deals to create a site that converts:

  • Carrd - The codeless website builder perfect for landing pages and simple sites is offering 25% off annual plans - making it just $9 per month. With Carrd you can quickly build one-page sites, portfolios, and landing pages with their intuitive drag and drop editor.

  • Webflow - This powerful builder aimed at designers has deals up to 70% off - you can get hosting and CMS included. Webflow lets you design fully custom, responsive sites visually without coding. It's great for blogs, ecommerce stores, portfolios, and more. Companies like Apple, Facebook, and Dropbox use Webflow to build their marketing sites.

  • Bubble - Build full web apps visually with no code using Bubble's Black Friday lifetime deal of just $430 (regular $780). You can create complex workflows, dashboards, marketplaces and more with Bubble's visual programming tools.

  • Squarespace - Create beautiful websites with Squarespace's trusted builder and get 40% off annual subscriptions. Their elegant templates make it easy to build blogs, online stores, and marketing sites.

  • Wix - Build SEO-optimized sites with ease using Wix's big Black Friday sale of up to 60% off plans. Wix offers hundreds of templates for blogs, small business sites, photography portfolios, and online stores.

  • Primary Site - Launch sites for startups quickly and easily with Primary Site's website builder that has 20% off plans for Black Friday. Their builder is purpose-built for creating modern, conversion-focused startup websites.

Drag and Drop Builders

Drag and drop website builders like Webflow, Squarespace, and Primary Site allow you to build custom sites by dragging elements into place visually. This makes website creation easy and intuitive, even for beginners. These builders enable you to create nearly any type of website from blogs to portfolios to online stores. Their Black Friday deals offer excellent savings on already affordable plans.

For example, Webflow gives you granular control over every element's design with their robust visual editor. Squarespace makes it simple to choose a template and customize it to match your brand. Primary Site optimizes the editor specifically for startups to launch sites fast.

Code-Free Site Builders

For those that want website creation to be as simple as possible, code-free site builders like Carrd, Bubble, and Wix are the way to go. You can build complete websites just by pointing and clicking - no coding required. Their intuitive editors allow anyone to make landing pages, blogs, and other basic sites quickly. Take advantage of the Black Friday discounts to get these code-free builders for a fraction of their normal cost.

Carrd lets you make stylish one-page sites for portfolios, resumes, and landing pages with their drag and drop cards system. Bubble gives you visual programming tools to build complex web apps. Wix has an easy-to-use editor for creating sites from templates quickly.

Ecommerce Store Deals

Want to turn your startup idea into an online business? Use these stellar ecommerce platform deals to launch your own online store for less this Black Friday:

  • Shopify - Build and customize beautiful stores with Shopify's Black Friday discount of 50% off for 3 months. Their themes, payment processing, and management tools make selling online easy.

  • WooCommerce - Run a store on WordPress using the robust WooCommerce plugin at 30% off. It seamlessly integrates shopping carts and checkout into WordPress sites.

  • Gumroad - Easily sell digital products, courses, and memberships using Gumroad's holiday sale. Their creator-focused platform helps you sell downloads, subscriptions, and services directly to customers.

  • Snipcart - Add shopping carts to any site, no matter what it's built with, using Snipcart's 50% off Black Friday coupon. Their cart integrates with sites on Webflow, Squarespace, Wix, and more.

  • Primary Site - Launch customizable online stores for startups fast with Primary Site's ecommerce builder Cyber Weekend deal. Their mobile-optimized, conversion-focused stores are tailored for startups selling physical or digital products.

Hosted Ecommerce Platforms

Hosted platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce handle all the hosting, security, and scalability for your online store. Their built-in features like shopping carts and payment processing make launching ecommerce sites simple. Shopify, BigCommerce and Primary Site all have Black Friday discounts on their already affordable subscription plans.

For example, Shopify has themes, marketing tools, and shipping integrations that make running an online business easy for entrepreneurs. BigCommerce offers robust B2B selling features suited for wholesale and enterprise ecommerce.

Plug and Play Ecommerce Tools

For those who already have a website, plug and play tools like Snipcart and make it easy to add shopping carts and checkout functionality. Their shopper-facing carts and backends integrate seamlessly with your existing site. Take advantage of the Black Friday savings on these plug and play tools to quickly turn any site into an online store.

Snipcart allows you to embed their fast, customizable cart into sites built on Webflow, Squarespace, Wix, and more. plugs into WordPress sites to instantly activate smooth, conversion-optimized checkouts.

Marketing & SEO Deals

Promoting your startup effectively online is crucial for growth. Use these stellar Black Friday deals on marketing and SEO tools to take your digital reach to the next level:

  • Mailchimp - Grow your email list and send professional newsletters using Mailchimp's rare Cyber Monday offer. Their campaign builder and automation make email marketing easy.

  • Ahrefs - Do sophisticated SEO research with a discounted $7 first month of Ahrefs. Their robust data helps you optimize pages for higher rankings.

  • Buffer - Easily schedule social media posts with Buffer's Black Friday 45% off deal. Their team collaboration features streamline social marketing.

  • SEM Rush - Unlock 25% off SEM Rush's robust SEO, PPC and content marketing toolkit. Their insights enhance your overall digital marketing strategy.

  • Primary Site - Scale startup digital marketing using Primary Site's marketing automation platform discount. Their integrated tools optimize your entire customer journey.

Email Marketing Discounts

Email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, ConvertKit, and Primary Site make it easy to grow and engage your email list. Their campaign builders and automation features are crucial for sales. Take advantage of Mailchimp's Cyber Monday deal and other email marketing discounts to boost startup reach.

For example, Mailchimp's segments and email automation allow you to deliver personalized messages that convert. ConvertKit's creator-focused features help build your audience. Primary Site combines email with landing pages, CRM, and SMS to maximize customer acquisition.

SEO & PPC Savings

SEO and PPC are key for getting startup websites found online and driving targeted traffic. Tools like Ahrefs, SEM Rush, and Primary Site provide all the data and insights you need to optimize these areas. Their Black Friday deals offer the perfect chance to get SEO and PPC tools at a major discount.

For instance, Ahrefs provides detailed backlink analysis to improve your site's authority. SEM Rush lets you research competitors' SEO and PPC strategies. Primary Site combines SEO tools with marketing automation to multiply your organic reach.

Operations & Productivity Deals

Streamlining operations is vital for startup efficiency. These stellar Black Friday deals on productivity tools will enhance how you work:

  • Airtable - Organize anything flexibly using Airtable's holiday discount of 20% off premium plans. Their database-spreadsheet hybrid is infinitely customizable.

  • Dropbox - Sync files seamlessly across all your devices with Dropbox's Black Friday 30% off deal. Great for accessing project assets anywhere.

  • Evernote - Take notes and organize projects efficiently with Evernote's 50% off Premium for a year. Their versatile notes integrate with tools you already use.

  • Asana - Manage your workflow and tasks smoothly using Asana's rare 30% off Cyber Week promotion. Their project management features allow teams to plan sprints and collaborate.

  • Primary Site - Optimize startup operations using Primary Site's business OS platform and its Black Friday discount. Their integrated tools enhance project management, file sharing, and productivity.

  • Slack - Communicate and collaborate with your startup team using Slack's 40% off annual plans this Black Friday. Their channels and integrations radically improve teamwork.

  • Notion - Centralize your startup's knowledge base and docs with Notion's Black Friday deal. Their flexible workspace enhances all types of content creation.

Project Management Savings

Keep your startup team coordinated and work flowing with project management tools like Asana, Trello, and Primary Site. Their task lists, calendars, and collaboration features will align your efforts. Take advantage of the Black Friday discounts on these PM platforms.

For example, Asana's project timelines and milestones allow for detailed planning and tracking. Trello's Kanban boards give you flexibility in organizing tasks and workflows. Primary Site combines PM with other collaboration tools for end-to-end startup coordination.

File Management & Productivity

Startups need to juggle a lot of moving parts and data. File sharing programs like Dropbox and Evernote allow you to access everything from anywhere. Note taking apps like Evernote and Notion supercharge productivity. Use the Black Friday deals on these tools to enhance efficiency.

For instance, Dropbox Business gives teams a central place to store and sync all files, while Evernote integrates notes into your workflows. Notion becomes a customizable knowledge base for all of your startup's institutional knowledge.

Additional Must-Have Deals

Here are a few more stellar startup deals you can grab this Black Friday:

  • Grammarly - Get 20% off Grammarly Premium's advanced writing enhancement tools. Essential for crafting clear startup communication.

  • Calendly - Effortlessly schedule meetings using Calendly's rare 50% off Cyber Monday promotion. Makes coordinating startup team and client meetings easy.

  • Loom - Share videos internally and externally with 60% off Loom Pro to enhance communication. Allows for more personal and engaging startup messaging.

  • Canva - Quickly create stunning visuals and graphics using Canva's 75% off Pro discount. Design engaging social media posts, presentations, and ads in minutes.

  • Primary Site - Unlock growth with Primary Site's all-in-one marketing, sales and operational tools tailored for startups.

  • Lingoda - Practice real-world language skills with Lingoda's 60% off sale for Black Friday. Helpful for startups expanding into global markets.

  • Thinkific or Podia - Build and sell online courses using Thinkific or Podia's holiday discounts. Makes it easy for startups to monetize their knowledge and expertise.

  • Cratejoy - Run a subscription business easily with Cratejoy's Black Friday deal on their ecommerce platform. Their tools optimize recurring orders and retention.

  • QuickBooks - Streamline startup accounting and finances using QuickBooks' 50% off for 3 months Cyber Monday promotion. Essential for managing startup books.

  • FreshBooks - Save 50% off FreshBooks' small business accounting software this Black Friday. Helps startups track expenses, invoice clients, and more.

Key Takeaways

This Black Friday offers some amazing deals on essential SaaS tools for startups across key categories like website builders, ecommerce platforms, marketing automation, SEO, operations and more. Major discounts from leading platforms like Shopify and Mailchimp as well as top startups and indie makers are available for a limited time.

These Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals present a huge opportunity for startups to enhance their tech stack on a budget. The savings will allow you to afford more tools to streamline workflows, reach customers, and work more efficiently.

Act fast to maximize the discounts before these stellar startup deals expire! With the major savings, there's no better time to invest in the SaaS tools that will take your business to the next level.

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