Black Friday Deals: What Time to Start SaaS Shopping?

published on 16 November 2023

Black Friday has become one of the biggest shopping days of the year, with retailers offering massive discounts across all product categories. For those in the market for software tools and services, Black Friday is the perfect time to score huge savings on essential SaaS solutions. From CRMs and email marketing platforms to project management and design software, all the top SaaS providers unleash major deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

With so many compelling bargains launching over a short window, proper planning and preparation is required to make the most of the SaaS shopping spree. This guide will explore the ideal timing to start deal hunting and provide pro tips to help you maximize savings on the SaaS tools your business needs.

When to Start Looking for Black Friday SaaS Deals

The Black Friday shopping season has become a weeks-long affair, with many deals launching well before the big day itself. SaaS companies often roll out exclusive early access promotions in the 1-2 weeks leading up to Black Friday to generate buzz and hype. These early-bird discounts frequently offer the lowest prices and highest savings before inventory sells out.

It's important not to wait until the last minute to start deal hunting. Popular or limited quantity SaaS offerings may sell out within the first few hours of Black Friday. Set up alerts and notifications to get pinged when coveted deals go live so you can act fast. Services like Slickdeals allow customizing alerts for your must-have tools.

To prepare, bookmark the deals pages of your target SaaS providers in advance. This makes it easy to revisit them rapidly when the sales start.

Keep an Eye Out for Pre-Black Friday Sales

In mid-to-late October through the first couple weeks of November, be on the lookout for pre-Black Friday sales. SaaS companies will often offer special discounts and promotions during this period to prime customers for the big event.

Following relevant brands on social media and signing up for email alerts are effective ways to learn about early sneak peeks and access to savings. Act quick to leverage these lead-up discounts, as the deals may have lower prices or higher percentage-off savings compared to the actual Black Friday promotions.

Mark Your Calendar for Cyber Monday

While Black Friday gets all the hype, Cyber Monday typically extends the deals into the following week. Most SaaS companies stretch their Black Friday promotions through Cyber Monday.

Some expired deals from the Black Friday rush may even get reloaded for a second chance on Cyber Monday. Keep an eye out for any new coupon codes or promotions that get introduced specifically for Cyber Monday shoppers.

Track Flash Sales and Limited-Time Offers

Be sure to follow social media channels and set alerts for any short-lived flash sales or lightning deals. These limited-time promotions may only be available for a few hours and tend to have the steepest discounts.

Browser extensions like Honey can help you rapidly apply coupon codes and promos before hot deals expire. But you have to act fast before they sell out!

Take Advantage of Stackable Discounts and Coupons

Look for additional coupon codes and promos that can be layered on top of the standard Black Friday discounts for extra savings. Carefully read the fine print to understand whether multiple discounts can be combined or if any exclusions apply.

Also check cashback sites like Rakuten that offer rebates on SaaS purchases. The cash back can stack with other promo codes for even bigger savings.

Compare Deals Across SaaS Providers

Leverage aggregators and cashback tools to simplify comparing Black Friday deals across SaaS providers. Consider factors like discount percentage, subscription length pricing, customer ratings, and features. Don't limit yourself to just one brand - make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck!

When Do Black Friday SaaS Deals Typically Launch?

Rather than just a single day, Black Friday is now an extended shopping season spanning several weeks. Here's the typical timeline for SaaS deal launches:

Early-Bird Pre-Black Friday Deals

Launching as early as late October, these deals offer first access to discounts before the holiday craze hits. This builds anticipation and buzz leading up to the Black Friday weekend. Early bird access often requires signing up for email lists.

Thanksgiving Day Limited Deals

A handful of SaaS companies unveil special Thanksgiving Day-only promotions, usually launching late Thursday evening. These inventory-limited deals can sell out fast, so timely alerts are key.

Black Friday Main Event

The big day itself when most flagship Black Friday SaaS deals launch. Both regular and short-lived lightning deals will be unveiled throughout the day. Be prepared for heavy site traffic and crashing. Top discounts can sell out quickly.

Cyber Monday Encores and Extensions

SaaS companies usually extend Black Friday deals through Cyber Monday. Some may re-introduce expired deals from the weekend rush. New coupon codes are also common.

Post-Holiday Discounts

Keep an eye out for overlooked savings in the weeks following Cyber Monday. Companies may introduce new sitewide discounts, coupon codes, or year-end sales as they push to hit quarterly goals.

Getting the Best Black Friday SaaS Deals

Here are 5 tips and tricks for maximizing your SaaS savings this Black Friday season:

1. Subscribe for Email Notifications

Joining email lists gives you insider access to early deal announcements and exclusive promos before they go public. This ensures you'll be among the first to know about any upcoming sales.

2. Follow Relevant Brands on Social Media

Social platforms like Twitter and Facebook are key for brands to advertise deals and build hype. Follow relevant SaaS companies to get the latest discount scoops and coupon alerts.

3. Use Aggregators to Compare Deals

Deal aggregators and cashback sites like Slickdeals simplify hunting for bargains across multiple providers. Rating systems help surface quality deals you may have overlooked.

4. Layer Discounts and Coupons When Possible

Don't stop with the standard sale price. Look for additional coupon codes and promos that can stack for extra savings. Check loyalty programs and cashback sites.

5. Set Alerts for Hot Deals

For limited-time lightning deals, set up real-time alerts so you can act fast when discounts for your must-have tools become available. Sales go quick!

6. Leverage Free Trial Periods

Take advantage of free trial offers to test out products first before purchasing a discounted subscription. This ensures you only buy the tools that best fit your needs.

Key Takeaways on Black Friday SaaS Shopping

Black Friday requires careful preparation and research to identify the top deals on business-critical SaaS tools. Here are the key tips to maximize your potential savings:

  • Start monitoring for early bird specials in late October and sign up for email alerts to get the jump on upcoming sales.

  • Have a plan and list ready of your must-have tools and target sale prices. Bookmark key pages in advance.

  • Leverage social media, aggregators, and cashback sites to surface good deals across multiple vendors.

  • Be ready to pull the trigger quickly on limited-time lightning deal promotions before they sell out.

  • Layer on coupons and promo codes from different sources for maximum combined savings.

  • Test products through free trial periods first before purchasing discounted subscriptions.

With proper planning and alertness, Black Friday can be a huge opportunity to get the SaaS products your business needs at incredibly discounted rates. Do your research and preparation ahead of time to maximize your potential savings this holiday shopping season.

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