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Discover the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals from indie makers, small startups, and solo founders. No bs. Only real deal with real value.

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LifeTime Deals & Discounts

On Nov 24, you've got just 24 hours to grab these deals. Until then the deals are in "read-only" state and might change or be deleted.

  • 10 free articles


    SEO on autopilot with AI agents. Perfect for busy founders to turn on and get traffic 

  • Life Time Deal $299

    Marketsy AI

    E-commerce store AI Builder. Product of the day on Product Hunt. 

  • 30% off


    Get listed on 100 directories in a click to start getting organic traffic and earn backlinks.

  • Free


    Kansei is a platform to practice languages with AI companions that mimic real personas. 

  • $500 + 40% off

    Seo audit + competitor report + custom designed templates + free 30 min strategy call

  • 25% OFF


    Export Google Docs to WordPress in 1 click. Save 100s of hours each month.

  • 75% off

    AI pricing

    Boost Your SaaS Profits with AI-Powered Pricing Optimizations. 

  • 20% off


    Customer research via Reddit. Discover problems, sentiment on current solutions & buyers.

  • 15% off


    Edit/customize/build Tailwind CSS websites using AI10x faster. 

  • Lifetime access


    Create your own SEO tools, plagiarism detector, link shortener, and Email finder.

  • 20% off


    Generate professional photos of your product with artificial intelligence.  

  • 100% OFF


    The fastest way to collaborate on code with video and logs.

  • 50% off


    Give our AI your website, doc or knowledge base. It will create a chatbot that talks like you.

  • 30% off


    Get your badass looking icon app with 12 different styling and a wide variety of colors.

  • 50% off

    Create Spotify and Apple Music playlists using artificial intelligence. 

  • Lifetime deal $49


    URL shortener to create more reliable and trackable marketing links  

  • 40% OFF / 3 Months

    Create a Notion website in 2 minutes and pubish it to your own custom domain. 

  • 40% OFF / 3 Months

    Rehost webpage on your own domain, remove branding & keep visitors on website 

  • 55% off / 1 year


    Create seating chart diagrams for weddings, receptions, events, conferences, & parties

  • 40% off


    Build amazing web apps and websites that your users will love using

  • 50 % off / 1 year


    Azimutt allow to easily explore large databases, SQL or document.

  • 50% off


    All-in-one toolbox for developers. Supports Apple Silicon & macOS Ventura. 

  • 50% off

    Find My Ports

    Manage all your open development ports and remote Vercel deployment.

  • 30% OFF


    You can capture, inspect, and manipulate HTTP/HTTPS traffic with ease.

  • 25% OFF


    Sync your .env files across machines, environments, and team members.         

  • 40% OFF

    Typing Mind

    Typing Mind is the best advanced UI for ChatGPT/GPT-4/Claude 

  • 30% off

    Chat Hub

    Use ChatGPT, Bing, Bard, Claude and more chatbots simultaneously 

  • 30% OFF


    Avoid those awkward moments in presentation meetings in 1-click

  • $59 / Lifetime Deal


    Create professional-grade promo videos that resonate with your audience.

  • 25% OFF


    Effortlessly clean up your search console account with our Chrome extension 

  • 25% OFF


    Clean SEO-optimized exports including your images without any copy-paste

  • 33% OFF

    Ghostfolio is a privacy-first, open source dashboard for your personal finances. 

  • 40% OFF

    Chipmunk Theme

    The perfect choice for creating a directory website in WordPress.         

  • 50% off / 24-27 Nov

    Deutsch Mentor

    Experience a revolutionary way to learn German with the power of AI. 

  • 50% off / forever


    Bugpilot finds critical user-facing bugs and sends you detailed reports.

  • 50% Off

    SEO, Analytics, Storage, Auth, Payments, and Email starter at your fingertips, in a click. 

  • 30% off/ 12 month

    Sync your account balances, transactions, and investments into your favorite tools

  • 30% off

    Ai Startup Kit

    Launch your AI Startup using No Code with our 12+ Ready to Use AI Web app Templates

  • 30% Off


    Synthlife helps creators build, grow and monetize and AI Influencer 

  • 30% off / 3 months

    Reel Unlimited

    It offers a monthly design subscription that covers all your creative needs 

  • 50% off / 1 month

    Graphic Plus

    Get unlimited graphic design you'll love at a price you can afford with Graphic Plus

  • 50% off


    CLI & AI Playgrounds for AWS. Supports macOS, Windows, and Linux. 

  • 35% off / Lifetime

    Spaces for MacOS

    Declutter & organize your workspace on macOS in one single click

  • 35% off / forever

    Help Kit

    Turn your Notion docs into a professional help center or documentation site. 

  • 50% / Lifetime

    Product Video Examples

    Create product videos that convert

  • 53% off

    PDF Pals

    Instantly chat with any PDF on your Mac, no file size limit and with powerful OCR capability.

  • 53% off

    Bolt Ai

    It allows you to access ChatGPT directly in your favorite apps. 

  • 50% off

    Small Bets

    Find a support network ready to help you get your first small wins 

  • 50% off


    PySaas : Build a profitable SaaS business faster in pure Python.

  • 50% off

    Animate React Native

    Animate React Native : Save time working with React Native animations 

  • 67% off / 30% off


    ContentStudio is an AI-based social media management platform 

  • 60% off / Lifetime


    Scalenut : Your AI Co-pilot that powers entire SEO content lifecycle 

  • 90% off


    Get leverage of our Smart AI Algorithm to create human-friendly content

  • Lifetime


    Discover the monthly profit and revenue of any website (SaaS, AI, E-commerce etc.) 

  • Lifetime

    LustLab AI

    Create Captions, Scripts, Steamy Stories and MORE for Onlyfans Talents or Agents. 

  • 30% off

    Openform Stack

    An open source form backend that allows you to collect form submissions.

  • 50% off


    Launch your product faster than ever with BoilerCode NextJs SaaS + AI Boilerplates

  • 40% off / 6 month


    Create eye-catching music synced promotional videos for your product 

  • 50% off


    Hirevire's automated screening software lets you collect video, audio, etc. from candidates

  • 30% off

    Marketing Strategy Generator

    Perfect marketing strategy for your product in 5 minutes.

  • 30% off

    Complete Marketing Bundle

    Ultimate collection to master user acquisition, and conversion rate optimization. 

  • 50% off

    Nest App Fast

    Starter Kit + No-Code App Builder with AI + Code Generator

  • 30% off

    Imitate Email

    A sandbox email server to help developers build and test email flows in their software 

  • 20% off


    Get more attention, engagement and responses with AI powered videos, 

  • 60% off


    580+ Affiliate & Referral Programs for Solopreneurs, Indie Hackers etc.

  • 70% off


    Fuelance Freelance System. Find Freelance Opportunities on Autopilot.  

  • 60% off

    Mail Mastery

    Manage communications, overcome challenges and drive growth.

  • 75% off

    The Big Service Business Bundle

    Grow your business with the all in one, unbeatable bundle

  • 60% off

    Notion 50+ Page Freelancer Pack

    50+ Templates that can be saved online / downloaded 

  • 50% off


    Airtable database of 1100+ newsletters, links to connect with creators 

  • 50% off


    Introducing GhostHunt, a comprehensive database of 1900+ Newsletters!

  • 50% off


    Introducing Subsearchr: Unveiling 1900+ Leading Newsletters on Substack!

  • 50% off

    35+ Page Client Welcome Pack

    Make sure you and your clients are on the same page  

  • 65% off

    24 Page Prof. Resume

    This Bundle will help to save you time and money when hunting your dream job

  • 50% off


    Take a brand identity test and we’ll instantly match you with the best ones 

  • 95% off / 4 deals


    Wake up to more followers on all your socials, and more product sales. 

  • 30% off


    Simplify your Kubernetes operation with a faster and easy to use desktop client. 

  • 30% off


    Ray is a desktop application that serves as the dedicated home for debugging output. 

  • 50% off

    Ok JSON

    The ultimate JSON formatter for your Mac.

  • 30% off

    Lambda Test

    Next-Generation Mobile Apps and Cross Browser Testing Cloud

  • 20% off


    Build, design and debug your Tailwind website visuallywith Tailscan

  • 50%


    Simplify your localization journey using Verbcode to manage your json

  • 50% off

    Blade Mail

    Never send your email to any free services, Blade Mail will handle emails testing for you. 

  • 50% off


    Flare provides waaaaay more detail than traditional error tracking tools. 

  • 40% off


    Fancy AI Assistant - Work with RL/Docs/Audio/Video, generate images

  • 70% off


    No more juggling between windows or copying and pasting. 

  • 40% off

    Plugins Carrd

    Plugins Carrd : Plugins, widgets, scripts to power up your Carrd sites 

  • 50% off

    Pop Invoice

    Create clean, professional-looking PDF invoices from your Notion database. 

  • 50% off

    QR Diffusion

    Our app goes beyond the pixelated grids of traditional QR codes 

  • 60% off

    Landing Page Hot Tips Ebook

    100 digestible lessons to implement into your Landing Pages

  • 69% off


    No-code & low-code platform that enables you to create high-quality IT products 

  • 50% off

    Audio Writer

    Just record your spontaneous thoughts, we'll turn them into clear & coherent in writing. 

  • 35% off


    AI assistant app perfect for everyday work turns rough notes into finished projects

  • 33% off

    My AskAI

    Create an AI chatbot with your content (including Google Drive and Notion)

  • 42% off

    Notion Backups

    Notion Backups : Easily back up and restore your Notion workspaces

  • 40% off / 24 nov

    Backpack For Laravel

    BLACKFRIDAY2023 Create custom Laravel admin panels. Fast!

  • 33% off / 25 nov

    Backpack For Laravel

    SBSATURDAY2023 Create custom Laravel admin panels. Fast! 

  • 25% off / 27 nov

    Backpack For Laravel

    CYBERMONDAY2023 Create custom Laravel admin panels. Fast!  

  • 20% off/ 20-30 nov

    Backpack For Laravel

    BLACKWEEK2023 Create custom Laravel admin panels. Fast!  

  • 50% off


    Helps you automate and scale your content marketing with Programmatic SEO and AI.

  • 40% off

    Harness a Distraction-Free Environment and SEO Enhancers to Attract Clients  

  • 50% off


    Create professional websites for your customers with our White Label builder. 

  • 50% off


    Xnapper: Take beautiful screenshot easy and fast for social media. 

  • 50% off

    Magic Tellers

    The perfect story at your fingertips. For any situation, on the spot, everytime. 

  • 50% off

    Digital First AI

    Crafting an effective marketing plan often feels like navigating a labyrinth without a map 

  • 40% off


    Deep dive into any topic through branching research using artificial intelligence

  • 25% off

    ColorBliss Art

    The #1 AI custom coloring page app. Generate any coloring sheet you can imagine.

  • 50% off


    Checkbot finds SEO, speed & security problems before your website visitors do

  • 77% off / 7 month


    Easy-to-use software that makes schedule management a breeze. 

  • 50% off


    Ask your PDFs. Summarize your PDFs. Extract information. In any language.

  • 40% off

    Appstore Spy

    AppstoreSpy turns app data into insights in just a few clicks.  

  • $240 off

    Heights Platform

    AI-powered online course creation and community-building software. 

  • 20% off


    Instantly distill lengthy content into concise summaries with Summarify 

  • Up to 80% off


    Our mission is to simplify the complexities of modern business and tech startups

  • 75% off

    Your AI-powered sales engagement platform for creating new opportunities

  • 70% off


    Storyleo : Create bedtime stories with audio for children using AI. 

  • 54% off


    Create unforgettable moments. Turn your photos into vivid memory clips.

  • 55% off


    Connect seamlessly, chat effortlessly with ChatGPT on macOS

  • 50% off

    Server Space

    Server Space : Automated, simple, and affordable to everyone.

  • 50% off


    Over 50 cool Mac tweaks and extra utilities to supercharge your Mac experience 

  • 50% off

    Git Tower

    Over 100,000 developers and designers are more productive with Tower 

  • 30% off


    Digrin : Dividend Growth Investing - dividend portfolio tracker

  • 70% off

    YouTube Comments Downloader

    Save time, download YouTube comments the fastest way

  • 35% off


    A beautiful AI-assisted reading tracker app that helps you track your library 

  • 50% off

    Write Loops

    Share your link anywhere to get reviews, or use AI to review your code. 

  • 50% off


    Chat with your Docs PDF / DOCX /TXT & CSV / Website & Youtube Videos.

  • 50% off

    Habit Tracker

    Intuitive Habit tracker with interactive widgets . Track routine, streaks & goals

  • 50% off


    Create customized Next.js boilerplates with a landing page and blog

  • from $69 / Lifetime


    The easiest website and product analytics tool, your best GA4 alternative.  

  • 30% off


    Paste is a new way to keep, search, and organize everythingyou copy on MacOS

  • $154 off / Lifetime


    Nuxt.js Boilerplate to deploy landing pages and monetize faster. 

  • 30% off


    Effortlessly unsubscribe, block and delete unwanted emails in a single click. 

  • 30% off


    Craft perfect emails faster with Letty - Your Personal AI Email Assistant 

  • 50% off


    Itemlist : home inventory app. Effortlessly organize your belongings.

  • $159/ first year


    SaasyDB your new favorite source for SaaS company research

  • 20% off

    Indie Masterminds

    Join a tight knit group of independent founders, creators and solopreneurs  

  • 20% off


    Build virtual brains from your documents and save hours every day. 

  • 50% off


    Elegant & Clutter-Free Meditation Timer for iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad

  • 30% off


    Discover Boring Businesses that Quietly Rake in the Cash Home. 

  • 75% off

    UI Widgets

    Effortlessly build, customize, and publish high-converting pages in minutes 

  • 1 Year FREE trial


    The simplest and intuitive workout tracker. Includes free programs to start with.

  • 1 Year FREE trial

    1 Tap Captions

    An app that adds high quality captions to what everyone is saying!

  • 1 Year FREE trial

    1 Tap Dictation

    Use industry leading AI to transcribe your voice memos into text. 

  • 56% off


    Complete and affordable enterprise-grade lead generation  

  • 75% off


    Replug URL Shortener is a premium link management tool for link branding 

  • 90% off


    StealthGPT: Create or Remake AI Generated Content to be Undetectable 

  • 51% off

    Code to Flow

    Code to Flow: Visualize, Analyze, and Understand Your Code!

  • 50% off


    Highperformr Social CRM uses AI to amplify your social engagement  

  • 40% off


    𝕏 bookmarks and list companions for knowledge extraction. 

  • 40 + deals

    Offers feature extended trials, extra credits, discounts and lifetime plans. 

  • 20% off


    A suite of powerful AI tools, including Text-to-image, Real-Time AI Generator etc

  • 70% off


    Splendidis: Screen Capture and Editing Application for iPone, iPad, iMac.

  • 70% off


     Show all app menu items hotkeys for iPone, iPad, iMac ... (macOS).

  • $99.99 / lifetime


    Powerful features to help you convert more visitors into buyers  

  • Up to 50%

    Help Center

    Tool with its exclusive features like asynchronous video, audio, and text messaging

  • 66% OFF


    React SaaS Boilerplate and NextJS SaaS Starter to launch for SaaS faster with Auth 

  • 50% off


    WordPress plugin that allows you to create a business directory website with ease. 

  • 92% off


    Graphic Design Editor, Social Inbox, Analytics, Apps and more all in one place. 

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