Unlock Google Black Friday Offers for SaaS Success

published on 16 November 2023


Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are just around the corner, and Google is gearing up to offer exclusive discounts across its products and services once again. As a SaaS startup or indie maker, you can take advantage of these limited-time google black friday offers to get the Google tools and infrastructure you need at budget-friendly prices.

This post will guide you through the top Google Black Friday deals to look out for so you can make the most of the savings for your business. We'll explore discounts on essential services like Google Cloud Platform, G Suite, Chromebooks, Pixel phones, and more. Read on to unlock exclusive savings like 20-30% off G Suite subscriptions, 50% off Compute Engine usage, and bundled Chromebook deals to optimize your SaaS workflows.

Google Black Friday Deals Overview

For the past few years, Google has offered significant price reductions during Black Friday and Cyber Monday on its most popular products. While deals vary each year, we've seen savings like:

  • Up to 30% off annual G Suite subscriptions based on past deals
  • $300 off Pixel 4 phones last year
  • 60% off Chromebook Flip models in 2020
  • Expanded free tier for Cloud Storage up to 20GB

Google also provides special coupon codes and bundled packages exclusively for the holiday shopping season. For SaaS startups, some of the most useful discounts are on GCP infrastructure, G Suite collaboration tools, and Chrome OS devices.

Benefits for SaaS Startups

Taking advantage of Google's holiday deals enables SaaS startups and indie makers to:

  • Save significantly on essential SaaS infrastructure and tools
  • Upgrade to more advanced G Suite or GCP tiers at reduced rates
  • Try out new software services for their workflows
  • Invest savings into hiring additional staff or marketing budgets
  • Optimize workflows and processes with discounted Google products

With careful planning, you can leverage Google's Black Friday discounts to stretch your startup budget further and set up your business for hiring, growth and success.

Top Google Cloud Platform Deals

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides the infrastructure and services for SaaS startups to build, deploy, and scale their applications. During Black Friday, Google offers sizeable discounts on key GCP products:

Compute Engine

GCP's Infrastructure as a Service platform lets you run VMs, containers, and Kubernetes clusters to power your SaaS architecture. Past Black Friday deals included:

  • 50-60% off Compute Engine GPUs for ML applications
  • Expanded free tier credits for standard VMs, up to $300 worth
  • Bundled discounts with Cloud Storage and BigQuery
  • Deals to aid cost-effective scaling of compute resources

For example, real estate SaaS startup Revaluate used discounted GPUs to train AI models for property valuation.


BigQuery provides a data warehouse for large-scale analytics and business intelligence. Previous Black Friday BigQuery offers included:

  • 20-30% discounts on flat-rate pricing tiers
  • Increased free query allotments for smaller workloads, up to 1TB
  • Bundled deals with Compute Engine and Cloud SQL
  • Enabling advanced analytics at discounted rates

With discounted BigQuery, SaaS startups could gain data-driven insights into customer churn rates, optimal pricing plans, feature usage, and more to optimize their business.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage offers affordable object storage for unstructured data at scale. Past Black Friday deals featured:

  • 50-100% more free tier storage, up to 20GB
  • 15-20% off paid storage tiers
  • Bundled pricing with Compute Engine and BigQuery
  • Supporting rapidly growing storage needs

Expanded Cloud Storage allows startups to store more customer data, files, and backups to support business growth.

Top G Suite and Google Workspace Deals

G Suite (now Google Workspace) provides SaaS startups with productivity apps and collaboration tools via services like Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Meet. Previous Black Friday discounts included:


Gmail forms the hub of team communication and customer outreach. Past Gmail Black Friday deals offered:

  • 20-30% off annual Business and Workplace plans
  • 30GB+ more storage for inboxes and attachments
  • Bundled pricing with Chromebooks for teams
  • Improving email marketing capabilities with larger contact lists

Google Docs

Docs enables real-time collaborative content creation. Prior Black Friday discounts featured:

  • 15-25% off additional Drive storage for files, up to 2TB
  • Expanded shared Drive storage for teams
  • Bundled pricing with Chrome OS devices
  • Streamlining collaborative workflows for greater productivity

Google Meet

Meet provides easy video meetings and webinars. Previous Black Friday deals included:

  • Discounts up to 25% off annual plans
  • 60-90 minute meeting duration limits
  • Bundled packages with Meet-enabled hardware
  • Enhancing virtual collaboration for remote teams

Top Chromebook and Pixel Deals

Google often bundles Chrome OS laptops and Pixel phones with its other services for Black Friday:


Discounted Chromebooks let teams tap into the Google ecosystem. Past deals offered:

  • Chromebook Flip models bundled with discounted G Suite plans
  • 10-20% lower pricing on Pixelbook Go, Acer Spin, ASUS Flip
  • Expanded Google One cloud storage
  • Improving workforce mobility and productivity

Pixel Phones

Pixel phones deeply integrate Google's apps and AI. Previous Black Friday Pixel deals included:

  • 10-30% off Pixel 5, 6, and 6 Pro models
  • Bundled Pixel offers with Google One plans
  • Complementing mobile workflows for startup founders

Comparison of Top Deals

Here's a snapshot of some of the best Google Black Friday deals for SaaS startups from the past two years:

Product Normal Price Sale Price % Savings
G Suite Basic $6/user/month $4/user/month 33%
Compute Engine $0.02/hr $0.01/hr 50%
Pixel 5 $699 $499 29%
Acer Chromebook Spin $629 $399 37%
1TB Cloud Storage $9.99/month $7.49/month 25%
Cloud SQL $0.025/hr $0.018/hr 28%

Getting Ready for Google Black Friday

To make the most of Google's upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals:

  • Sign up for Google Cloud's deal email alerts for instant savings notifications
  • Research current pricing on services you may want
  • Plan your priority list of needed tools, devices, and upgrades
  • Check the Google Cloud blog regularly as deal availability varies
  • Act fast once discounts are live to secure the best savings

We'll be covering all the latest Google Black Friday google black friday offers right here, so be sure to check back often!


Google's Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals present a huge opportunity for SaaS startups to save on business-critical products. Take advantage of major discounts on GCP, G Suite, Chrome OS devices, and more to optimize your budget and workflows. Significant savings on infrastructure, productivity tools, storage, and devices can empower your startup for hiring, growth and success. But act fast - these limited-time savings won't last long! Stay tuned to our website for regular Google Cloud deal updates so you can make the most of the holiday sales.

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