SaaS Deals Guide: Transform Your SEO Strategy

published on 19 November 2023


The holiday season is the perfect time to upgrade your digital marketing stack and take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on SaaS tools. With special discounts and extended free trials, now is the time to try out new SEO software to give your strategy a boost in 2023. Popular deals target solutions like marketing automation platforms, CRM systems, analytics packages, project management tools and more.

In this guide, we'll explore some of the top solutions for transforming your SEO efforts across key areas like keyword research, rank tracking, link building, site audits and more. We'll compare popular tools in each category and highlight what to look for when upgrading your tech stack.

Overview of top SaaS deals for transforming your SEO strategy

  • Save on all-in-one SEO platforms that connect insights across keyword, content, links and rankings
  • Find discounts on point solutions for specific SEO tasks like rank tracking and site audits
  • Take advantage of extended free trials to thoroughly test drive tools before purchasing
  • Look for opportunities to consolidate tools and reduce subscription costs
  • Sign up for deal alerts to be notified of the latest discounts and promotions

How to leverage Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts on SEO tools

The holiday sales are a great chance to get the most "bang for your buck" on digital marketing investments. Here are some tips:

  • Create a wishlist of tools you've been meaning to try based on trusted expert reviews and advice
  • Prioritize 2-3 high-impact solutions rather than lots of niche point solutions
  • Calculate the deal percentage to see real dollar savings over a yearly contract
  • Extend contracts on current tools to align renewal dates and budget better
  • Take advantage of bundled deals for multiple products

Guide to implementing new SEO software into your workflow

Integrating new tools takes planning and adjustment. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth transition:

  • Take advantage of onboarding, training and support materials
  • Start with a limited rollout before expanding site or account access
  • Set up tracking and reporting dashboards tailored to your goals
  • Develop processes to continually analyze new data and take action
  • Create a plan for how insights will connect to content optimization, link building and other efforts
  • Determine how insights will be actioned regularly to maximize value

Tips for evaluating and selecting the right SEO SaaS products

With so many options, it can be overwhelming to choose the right solutions. Keep these factors in mind during your search:

  • Prioritize tools that integrate with your existing martech stack
  • Look for AI and automation to enhance capabilities and save time
  • Ensure comprehensive features to avoid tool overlap
  • Check user reviews and community feedback
  • Confirm responsive, high-quality 24/7 customer support

Summary of key factors when upgrading your SEO stack

As you explore deals and make purchasing decisions, focus on solutions that provide:

  • Competitive analysis of your site performance
  • Identification of SEO issues and growth opportunities
  • Streamlined workflows to optimize at scale
  • Maximum return on investment to fuel growth

With the right technology investments this holiday season, you can gain a distinct competitive advantage and take your SEO strategy to new heights in the year ahead. The deals won't last forever, so leverage this guide and start transforming your stack today!

SEO Audit Tools

One of the best ways to identify areas for improvement is by conducting in-depth SEO audits. Prioritize deals on all-in-one audit solutions or tools focused on specific technical issues.

Compare comprehensive SEO crawlers

Site crawl tools like Screaming Frog, Botify and DeepCrawl automatically scan pages to surface technical problems impacting performance. Key factors include crawl visualization, customization options, and integration capabilities.

Screaming Frog boasts detailed filterable crawl logs to inspect specific issues. Botify integrates with Google Search Console for additional data. DeepCrawl analyzes Core Web Vitals for page experience.

Evaluate deals on targeted site audit tools

Look beyond technical problems to audits like Primary Website that analyze page content, keywords, links and more. This 360 view highlights growth areas.

Primary Website performs on-page, off-page and content audits while also checking voice search optimization. Its custom reports summarize optimization opportunities.

Consider discounted all-in-one SEO analysis solutions

Consolidated audit tools like Primary Website can save time and connect insights across areas. Recommendations in one area can impact others.

For example, Primary Website's linked keyword suggestions identify new target keywords based on recent links gained. This connects content and links.

Confirm selective URL crawling capabilities

Focusing crawls on high priority sections helps streamline audits. Primary Website allows URL pattern targeting and DeepCrawl can exclude pages.

Ensure accurate mobile SEO audits

Advanced JavaScript rendering is crucial for crawling modern sites. Tools like DeepCrawl fully support JS while Primary Website emulates mobile user agents.

Rank Tracking Software

Monitoring keyword rankings is crucial for gauging SEO success. Compare rank trackers across location targeting, rank change alerts, and historical data.

Review all-in-one rank tracking solutions

Leading providers like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Primary Website enable global rank tracking across search engines and devices.

For example, Ahrefs tracks Google rankings in all countries to support international SEO. Primary Website leverages AI to forecast future positions.

Check ranking coverage beyond top 10 results

Expand tracking beyond the standard top 10 results. SEMrush covers local pack, image search, and Google Shopping.

Look for rank change notifications and alerts

Stay on top of ranking fluctuations with instant alerts when positions shift. Ahrefs and Primary Website provide this capability.

Leverage historical rankings data

Understanding trends over time is key for optimization. SEMrush offers extensive ranking history while Primary Website detects anomalies.

Consider international and multilingual SEO

For global sites, worldwide rank tracking is essential. Primary Website tracks regional and language-specific results.

Evaluate AI-powered rank forecasting

Predictive rankings help guide efforts. Primary Website leverages artificial intelligence to forecast future positions.

Keyword Research Tools

Thriving SEO starts with the right core keywords. Take advantage of deals on AI-powered keyword tools this Black Friday.

Compare leading keyword research solutions

Platforms like SEMrush, Moz, and Primary Website help discover untapped keyword opportunities to target.

For example, Moz's Keyword Explorer provides search volume estimates and checks difficulty. Primary Website identifies rising trends.

Ensure accurate monthly search volume metrics

Exact search volume is crucial for gauging viability. SEMrush offers this while other tools estimate ranges.

Look for effective keyword expansion

Discovering additional semantically related keywords unlocks potential. SEMrush suggests similar keywords.

Primary Website's AI goes beyond semantics to identify predictive keywords based on search intent signals. For example, it may connect "best protein powder" to the rising trend for "vegan protein".

Check Google Analytics integration

See how existing keywords perform directly in your Analytics account. SEMrush enables this capability.

Leverage artificial intelligence capabilities

Advanced AI like Primary Website's looks beyond basic metrics to suggest keywords based on predictive analysis. This identifies rising opportunities.

Link building remains crucial for SEO success. Use the holiday sales to invest in software that streamlines outreach and acquires links.

Solutions like BuzzStream, Ahrefs, and Primary Website provide prospect research, outreach workflows, and campaign tracking.

For example, BuzzStream offers email templates and outreach while Ahrefs analyzes prospects' website data. Primary Website connects the full workflow.

Leverage AI-powered prospecting

AI can surface the most relevant prospects where your brand can provide value and earn links. Primary Website identifies and prioritizes targets.

Check personalized outreach capabilities

Tools like Primary Website that enable effective personalized messaging can boost link conversion rates.

Ensure seamless connection to other SEO activities

Complementary insights from site audits, rank tracking and keywords can refine outreach. Primary Website seamlessly connects data across tools.

Evaluate workflow efficiency

Consolidated platforms like Primary Website that combine prospecting, outreach, and reporting maximize productivity.

Website Crawling and Analysis Tools

Website crawlers enable comprehensive technical and on-page audits to uncover SEO issues. Compare analysis depth, customization, and integration.

Review leading website crawling solutions

Tools like DeepCrawl, Botify, and Primary Website automatically crawl sites to surface problems impacting SEO.

For example, DeepCrawl checks page speed and Botify analyzes site architecture. Primary Website audits on-page content.

Confirm thorough technical SEO checks

Ensure crawlers evaluate critical elements like site indexability, redirects, and duplicate content.

Primary Website audits elements such as site security, proper URL structure, and page metadata.

Check page experience insights

With Core Web Vitals as a key Google ranking factor, page speed insights are essential. DeepCrawl and Primary Website check site performance.

Leverage mobile crawl capabilities

Mobile usage continues to dominate, so accurate mobile audits are crucial. Botify can crawl JavaScript pages while Primary Website emulates mobile user agents.

Consider end-to-end SEO platforms

Consolidated audit tools like Primary Website that connect crawling, analysis, and monitoring simplify optimization.


The holiday deals provide the perfect chance to upgrade your SEO efforts with the latest software solutions. Take time to thoroughly research options and evaluate discounted all-in-one platforms along with specialized tools for audits, rank tracking, keywords, and more. Look for opportunities to consolidate martech stacks while leveraging AI and automation to work smarter. Sign up for deal alerts and bookmark this guide to maximize savings on the SEO technology investments that can empower your strategy and accelerate growth in 2023. Act now before the best discounts disappear!

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